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Darn TMB Bit Me Again...

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So much for trying to do something nice to help someone else.  My wife's dental hygiene department needed someone to review FIT testing questionnaires and since I had done the actual testing in the past I thought I could make it easy, review the questionnaire, and then if there were any issues refer the student to their PCP for clarification.  Not providing care, just reviewing a form.  Program director I was told was ecstatic that I could help them out.

I was reading another forum thread here last night regarding licensure so I was at the TMB site reading through some material.  Though I still have an active license, without a physician collaboration, my reviewing these forms would be considered "practicing medicine" in Texas so it would appear to be a no-go.  They just won't let you help.  I told my wife that if there were a natural disaster then I'm more than qualified to help without a physician collaboration but not apparently to review a health questionnaire.  Ugh...

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Got a response to my clarification request (knowing the answer was “no” w/o a physician affiliation) and what do i receive? Links to the state PA guidelines. Figures. I responded stating I had reviewed those and was looking for a clarifying statement. It’s a shame that I’m licensed and can’t review simple questionnaires. It isn’t worth asking one of my former clinic SP’s to throw me an hour of supervision/week to do these reviews.



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On 9/3/2020 at 7:36 PM, thinkertdm said:

In many states, an NP, with less  linical training, could do it.  An RN, even.

Because RNs don't report to SBMEs....they report to nursing boards.....and you know those nursing boards are all about expanding practice/financial opportunities and they have no doctors to tell them "No".

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