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Is there concern about brand new programs?

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23 hours ago, limd19 said:

Is anyone concerned going to a brand new program that has not graduated a class yet?

I was the third class in a program from which no one had yet graduated and, in my case anyway, it worked out fine. What was important to me when I made my decision was the qualifications and experience of the faculty. Our program director had been a longstanding director at another school and was very active in the PA education profession. It was clear to me that she had her head screwed on right. Their first class was in clinical rotations and there were no issues there.

The only complaints the students in the class ahead of me (cohort 2) had (I asked them during the informal part of the interview day) was that the schedule was always changing. When I asked why, they told me that when students said that their were problems learning a particular subject, the program adjusted and tried a different approach with the subject. That showed me that they were being responsive to the students, which I took as a plus. 

Were there any problems I found once I was a student? Sure: some of the instructors were a little rough with some subjects and we had to work extra hard when that happened. We all survived.

I certainly can't swear what life would be like in EVERY new program, but I remain happy with my decision. Recognize that you will have to do your own research to see if particular new program is a good fit for you.

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