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Need advice in regards to a job offer- urgent

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Hello everyone-


How would you respond via email after an interview for X organization where a job was offered in Y specialty but you feel this specialty is not a good fit for you, but you love the organization and the APP director and CMO and you want to be considered for other positions within the organization?


That’s the honest truth, I don’t feel this epically would be a good fit, but I would love to be considered for other positions within the organization.


How would I word something like this to not burn Bridgestone keep doors open?


I am just being honest and will email them in the next couple days.





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If the position or specialty isn't a good fit for you and you take the position its possible it could just generally be a bad scene and spoil other opportunities within the same org. After all if there is some kind of friction/dissatisfaction/general badness with you in position x why try you in position Y when there are a thousand hungry candidates waiting to step on your dead body?

I think complete, well articulated honesty is best. "I love everything about the organization and all the people I met during the interview process but I feel as if this particular position isn't a good fit for me. I always want to do my best and would appreciate being considered for other positions in the organization where I can bring my very best to work every day."

Pick your own words but if I was a hiring authority something like that would make you satnd way above every other candidate who will say and do anything just to get a job.

One man's opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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