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Hi all,

you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the good info. 

i am currently an independent family Med PA-not a great fit. I’ve been doing some thinking and I loved PA school-mostly in didactic and in clinicals when I could collaborate with docs, and I even liked getting pimped with differential questions. And I love studying.

this might be an odd question, but do you guys have any insight about more academic specialties? Things with less admin and more complex medicine and collaboration? I’m currently looking for other positions. Thank you!



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I worked in abdominal organ transplant and hepatology for about 3.5 years. About 6 months of training as a new grad. No more than 2 pt per hour. Scheduled time for cancer conference with IR to discuss treatment and response to therapy, biopsy conference, selection committee for transplant patients. 

It was very academic to say the least. I really enjoyed it, just wanted to be able to do critical care or EM and never saw the opportunities.

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