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Working in a specialty at the VA?

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Hello everyone,

I was recently offered a position in a specialty at VA in New England.  Does anyone have specialty experience within the VA system?  I know it’s dependent upon the specific VA,  but I’ve only heard experiences within primary care.  I’m curious if there is significant oversight from residents/fellows or if we have reasonable autonomy.  I’d appreciate any info!!

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I have been a veteran patient of the Northport VA on Long Island. I have found the clinic services to be extraordinary and better than any of my civilian counterparts where I was considered a VIP. I had to have a primary care Doc and my first was exceptional and the next, not so much. I had an outstanding Rheumatologist and Nephrologist who were both chiefs of their department. I maintained my personal Cardiologist as we have had a 25 year relationship as well as my civillian Internist in case I would be admitted into a hospital , where I would still choose Southside  in Bay shore who is part of the Northwell system. My civilian dermatologist was better and more easily accessible, vvascular services were done by a fellow who told me I knew more about the specialty than he did. I did not try a VA orthopedist or neurologist as I had no need for either. I did meet one PA in a orthopedic clinic who recognized my name on another service chart. I had an outstanding audiologist and recieved my expensive hearing aids from them. I have seen more NPs in Northport by a large margin and fellows in every specialty which would make me think that as a PA in surgery, you may be limited by residents and fellows. You cannot beat VA endocrinology who are teAM organized and follow carefully.

If there are any VA PAS out there , please respond to this PA's request.

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I work in Primary Care at a VA. We have a few PAs in a few specialties. We rarely have residents in our facility.

PAs are NOT LIPs in VA and that is killing us universally.

I don't have much to tell you about specialties - really depends on part of the country, who you work with and any teaching affiliations.

Sorry, I don't have much more.


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