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Resigning credentials/privileges for hospital I no longer work at?

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On 8/13/2020 at 7:36 AM, postsynaptic24 said:

I was contacted by hospital I haven't worked at in over a year for re-credentialing. I told them I no longer work there, and they told me to resign my credentials. Basically, I'm wondering if there are any negative implications to voluntarily resigning my credentials? Have any other PAs had experience with this? Thanks

I had the same concern but the verification office told me it's just the way they categorize it formally. No negative implications other than it's a pain to go through the process again if you ever go back. Involuntary resignation is what you need to worry about. 

The benefit of keeping your privileges is that you can easily pick up shifts at that hospital if you need a new job or additional income. I would encourage you to keep them if possible.

When switching specialties and relocating, some of my doc colleagues told me to keep my privileges just in case my new gig didn't work out and I wanted to come back. Unfortunately, as a PA, med staff wouldn't let me keep them unless my old SP continued to support my privileges (unfortunately, I medicolegally couldn't because I was switching to a different specialty) or I found a new SP to support me. I sent a formal letter to those hospitals informing them of my relocation and request of suspension. But, by my leaving, this was deemed a voluntary resignation, so my privileges were resigned anyway. Oh well. 

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