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How to start a pre-PA society

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I have asked this question before with not much luck. But, I going to try again.

I am a 30 year old Anatomy and Physiology High school teacher who wants to start of pre-PA society in Orlando, FL for non-traditional students like myself. Can anyone tell me how to get started? There is a real need for one because I know many people who unlike me, are not zealous over researching the PA field and gathering and organizing useful info pretaining to GETTING IN!


(PLEASE, no negative feedback!)

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I would definitely start reading and networking your way through various pre-PA student and PA student blogs to find models for your idea of a pre-PA society. It seems that I found a blogger not long ago who has established such in Calif.

Another resource is colleges who have pre-PA or pre med societies. Some schools have pre-PA groups specifically that you may find to be helpful resources and you could refine their materials to suit your needs.

I am a non-traditional student who worked my way through the process by writing, reading and networking. And the process was pretty awesome! Hope this gives you some ideas.

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