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EOR Study tips!

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Hey friends,

As I'm finishing up my seventh rotation, I wanted to share how I've been able to successfully pass all my EORs thus far. 

Study Resources:

  1. Use the topic list! I usually had four weekends to study before the exam, so i split up the topic list into four parts and specifically studied those topics each weekend
  2. OnlineMedED is amaaaazing for videos on topics you don't understand. Dustin makes the topics super clear and focused, I highly highly recommend.
  3. Pance Prep Pearls for info on all the topics, and supplementing with more info from Uptodate or medscape (you just need a free account)
  4. SmartyPance is good for when you are running out of time and want to skim through everything

Practice Questions:

  1. I tried to do at least 20 practice questions a day, and more as the test gets closer and closer. Make a study guide based off of the practice questions you encounter, specifically missed topics! Then you can refer to this guide later. 
  2. Rosh Review: both the general question bank and the boost exam are great ways to study.
  3. UWorldPA: The questions on here are more challenging, but its good to delve further into the topics. The best part of UworldPA is that you can split up questions both based off rotation and based off the topic you would like to study (for example, you can pick to do only cardiology questions that are internal medicine). I think this is the only test bank that gives this option, and that was very helpful for me. 

🔆 The few days leading up to the exam, I tried to do a lot more practice questions, skimmed back over my study guide (spending longer on topics I was still confused about), and looked over my notes from practice questions
🔆 BE PRESENT at your rotation. Pay attention to what’s going on with patients, what meds they are being given, and ask questions! ..
.(Disclaimer: some topic lists are way shorter than others, so it is possible to go through the whole thing— I cannot say the same about family med or internal med! For long topic lists, I say don’t stress too much over the topic list, but use the study guide on smarty pance!)

I post a lot of other tips on instagram (@the.pa.way), let me know if you have any questions!

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