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Online Study Resources for Rotations

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I'm getting ready to start my rotations soon and was looking at some comprehensive online study resources to help me prepare for my EORs and PANCE. I have been looking into Osmosis, Online Med Ed, and Hippo Education. I just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone has used any of these and the pros and cons that you found with them.

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OnlineMedEd is amazing to review subjects you are unsure about, Dustin is the best, he makes everything super simple!!! I haven't tried Osmosis or Hippo Education. Smartypance is good for a really brief review of all the subjects

I personally love to do practice questions and think thats the best way to study. Rosh review is great (the general question bank is good and boost exams are good to study for EOR). I like UworldPA for more challenging questions that really make you think and prove your knowledge. Both resources have great explanations about the topic in the question. The best part of UworldPA is that you can choose practice question based both off what rotation you are in, and subject (like you can pick IM cardiology), which other question banks dont offer.

I post a lot of tips on my instagram too @the.pa.way 🙂

Good luck! Don't stress so much, rotations are MUCH better than didactic year.

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Hi Johnny!

I agree with nkad on resources for learning! Here is my take on Online MedEd


  1. Dusty is comprehensive and straight to the point. Yet, he is detailed enough that you don't feel like you wasted your time watching a video.
  2. Most videos are a reasonable length of time and he is even clear to understand at 1.3-1.5 speed because lets admit it, we all watch videos sped up in PA school.


  1. To get the really good material (i.e. his charts, drawings, etc), you do have to purchase a subscription. 

Now onto Uworld:

This question bank is awesome! I also love how they break up the questions geared towards specific clinical rotations. When answering the questions you can see how long it took you to answer the question and how you did compared to others. I really do like the timing method because it allows me to gauge how fast / slow I am in recognizing certain conditions and allows me to time manage when preparing for EORs. Their flash card option is also a unique tool I haven't found with other Qbanks yet. 


I hope this helps you and best of luck on your studying!

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Everyone will be different and you will eventually find your own way to study but I use Online med ed videos to get the gist of the topics. He has many good videos and nice charts. Then I go into question banks. We have a free one given to us my our program but on top of that I use UWorld and Rosh question banks. UWorld gives you explanations and lets you make flashcards and I feel like their style was most like the EOR questions. I typically break up study sessions by topics (ie for peds I did neuro questions one day, and the next day endo etc). SmartyPance is good for notes but their question are way too easy. Osmosis has nice videos but their questions tend to be way too hard. 


I hope this helps and good luck! 

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