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Requesting a Raise (EM)

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Almost finishing my 2nd year of EM practice, first contract and looking to ask for a raise despite an awful quarter due to COVID. Was thinking of making a document/bifold and requesting a meeting with my administrator. These are the topics I was considering covering:

- AAPA salary report (my current contract has be about as low as the 5th percentile nationally, 10th percentile state in base hourly compared to those in my specialty with same experience)

- Press Ganey (I have been 75th percentile or better since I started)

- Staff/Patient feedback (formal positive comments that I have received, putting down my two most frequent night attendings as contacts)

-Productivity (working on obtaining figures from IT department to get patients/hour, procedures/hour, charting turnaround via EPIC EMR--I estimate I see 2/hour on average of all ESI, but mostly 3's and 2's in main ED even with the usual lull between 3-5 am)


-Extra certifications/Roles (Taking FCCS in November, frequently have students prefer to work with me despite night shift, and making an easy system for our nurses/techs to use QR codes for instruction on how to put on splints)

-Additional requests (US credentialing avenue, Vacation time/night float as I have only one other coworker I split 12 hour night shifts with at my campus so we work all of the night shifts but when we want to take vacation we essentially either screw the other over or some shifts are just not covered)

I'd appreciate any input, essentially feel a little 


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