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4 Science classes in one semester

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So I was thinking of taking 4 science classes this upcoming Fall semester and one GE class. I slacked off my first year and a half in college, and recently noticed how many interesting/ useful courses are taught at my university that seem to be beneficial for PA school, but I am already a senior. I am used to taking 3 science classes, but do not know if I should try for 4. Right now, I have biochemistry 1, evolution, genetics + lab, and microbiology + lab plus my GE class. Microbiology is fully online and the other 3 are remote due to Covid 19. The reason I am trying to push myself for four is because I want to take Anatomy in the spring which requires a lot of self studying, but also Immunology + Serology, which is the same way. Immunology + Serology is not required for me to graduate, but seems beneficial. Should I just take anatomy and microbiology Spring semester and not take immunology + serology at all? The reason I can't take some during the Fall is because of schedule conflicts or some courses aren't taught in the Fall.

What are your thoughts? 

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5 hours ago, Patricia5827 said:

I would say take whatever you can handle. If you can handle all the classes, then you can take them. But I wouldnt jeopardize a good grade just because you had too much of a class load. Yes it looks good to admissions, but if you have maybe an outside job and are also volunteering they understand that as well

I will not be working this semester and have not been able to find any places to volunteer or shadow. 


4 hours ago, hmmmm3 said:

Probably depends a little on your current GPA. If your grades slip a little, those classes, although interesting, might not be as helpful as you originally had thought.

I currently have a 3.65. I have just seen that these classes seem to also taught or discusses in PA school, so I was thinking the extra practice wouldn't hurt. 


53 minutes ago, rev ronin said:

Unless they're doing it very, very differently, genetics is not a difficult class in comparison to the other lab science classes you listed.

Many people have said Genetics is horrible here because the professors are rude towards their students but I just know I'm required to take it to graduate. 

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1 hour ago, UgSOsM said:

Many people have said Genetics is horrible here because the professors are rude towards their students but I just know I'm required to take it to graduate. 

So ignore them, teach it to yourself, and succeed.  Really--dominant, recessive, X-linked, Y-linked, Mitochondrial... If you can do a simple logic puzzle, about the only thing remotely hard about genetics is going to be if they're going to make you memorize certain genes.

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Depending on where you take it, genetics could be as simple as biochemistry but also as hard as evolution biology, it matters where and with whom you take it, and the truth about the subject is much more than just memorizing certain genes and trait types.

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