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My internal medicine EOR is coming up. I have smarty pance and rosh review (but not the boost exam). I've been studying a lot using smarty pance. Are those practice questions about on par with the PAEA EOR difficulty? I was using rosh review but a lot of those questions seemed super high level compared to what I remember from the PACKRAT so I wasn't sure which ones were better to study with or most similar to the EOR

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I found Rosh and UWorld to be a really good combo for getting a feel for what the PAEA exams would be like. SmartyPANCE has great study material and the questions aren't bad, but I liked Rosh and U more for adding some complexity and they both have much better explanations for why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are incorrect; sort of teasing out important factors in the question that could change the answer completely. In general I would say the average SmartyPANCE question is on the average to easy end of a PAEA question, and an average Rosh/UWorld question is harder than the average PAEA question.

I generally did much better on S than I did on EORs, and I generally did more poorly on Rosh and U than I did on my EORs.

My 3 part combo tended to be Rosh, U, and PANCE Prep Pearls; I would add the OnlineMedEd videos when I had time. And IMHO, the Rosh Boost exams are well worth it.

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Sorry this is probably past your EOR, but maybe if anyone else sees this itll help!! I just had my internal med test, was terrified, I honestly really really recommend Uworld. the questions are hard, honestly even harder than Rosh, but that helped sooooo much, bc the EOR seemed easier. I did really well on internal med and it def wasnt my goal. If you had to pick between the two, I would DEF say Uworld!

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