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39 minutes ago, ccrocker13 said:

Will be interviewing this coming Friday! Is anyone that interviewed already able to share a little bit about the interview process? Was it more relaxed, were the questions difficult?

honestly in my opinion it was a little mixture of both. some questions were quite tricky if you ask me. 5 individual interviews 2 group interviews. Good luck though!! 

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know this sounds cliche, but I would say be yourself at the interview! This was my 3rd cycle applying, and I felt as if this school really just wanted to know who we were as individuals. Walk in with confidence and think of all the hard work you’ve done to get here, it helps to remind yourself! 

I also read one of the pre-PA interview books and felt like it was helpful

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14 hours ago, ccrocker13 said:

For those of you who have already been accepted, do you have any tips for incoming interviewees? This is my third year applying and every time I even get an interview I end up waitlisted. Any advice you have could really help! @Laotian @PrePAlife

You can never really know what people will ask you on these interviews. At the very least know yourself and be ready to answer, the common questions of why PA, why not other jobs, what makes you a good candidate, tell me about yourself, etc are ones I hear a lot. You might stumble over some medical ethical questions, but that's just the nature of the question. As @PrePAlife said it's easier to be yourself than somebody else. Just be personable, exhibit good soft skills, be confident, and give it your best.

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