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odd business arrangement with supervising physician

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I live in a fairly decent size metropolitan area but work across state lines for a medical group with a small neurosurgery department. I am a salaried full time employee with the med group. There are now two surgeons who collaborate with me. But, the newer surgeon is actually paid by a local academic center and not the med group. The academic center has a business arrangement with the med group to provide 1 neurosurgeon 3 weeks a month. He is filling that role but also has agreements in place with the other surgeon in order to cover patients if an issue comes up.

The medical group has furloughed most of the advanced providers across many specialties. Recently it sounds as if the med group does not want to keep my position. However the surgeon (who is paid by the academic center) is interested in continuing to have me work with him and hire me as a private assist to him. He is not in a position to provide benefits which is okay with me to negotiate around. It seems that being an independent contractor 1099 is not the correct way to be employed by him technically since I won't really determine my own hours or provide any materials etc. 

Im looking for options on how to work with him. Does anyone have what appears to look like a standard supervisory arrangement with their surgeon but goes about it in an unconventional way? I really like the surgeon and he is loyal to me. He does his fair share of work and gives me the freedom to do a lot more than the other surgeon in the OR.

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