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Hi there!


So I apply next cycle and have been thinking about who I’m going to ask to write my LORs. Right now I’m thinking of 2 PAs I shadowed. I’ve know one for more than 5 years and the other for about 1-2 years.

Who should I try to get to write my last LOR? Another PA? A doctor? A professor? Ideally, I know it would be an employer but I’m not going to get my PCH until my gap year, which will start about the same time as when I’m submitting my CASPA, so they won’t know me well enough to be able to write me a LOR. 

Also, can I send in other LORs after I submit CASPA? Because then I think I’d ask for one from my employer (during my gap year).


Thanks in advance!:-)

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Having a PA write a letter is a good idea; some schools require it and others don't.

My advice: get people who can write the best letters! In my case, I had the chief of the EMS unit I was working on, a professor, and a senior executive in a company I had worked in (even though the job I had wasn't that healthcare-related). That covered my performance as a healthcare provider, as a student, and as an employee. Two of the settings also involved my performance on teams.

Ideally you want letters from people who can say things about you that you can't. Best letter I ever read was from a student's college soccer coach.

Good luck.

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The most important thing is think of people (regardless of their title for example don't choose a PA just because they are a PA) that will write you a good LOR and know you as a person.

Secondly, look at schools that have specific requirements on LOR. Personally most schools are flexible but there are some schools that required an academic professor. 

Third I would try to have 4 LOR not just the 3 only because you never know if one will take their time. Lastly ask early even before CASPA opens because again most of the people who will write your LOR are medical professionals and they have busy lives so the earlier they start the better. 

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