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HELP!! New Grad Offer-Nocturnist

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Hi everyone! Hoping to get some feedback on offer I received for a nocturnist floater position:

            Exempt/Straight Overtime Regular Full-Time at the salary of $61.78 per hour (starting as a Fellow at 37.15 an hour for the first 6 months-3 months hospital and 3 months ICU)

            Employer agreement: 90 day notice, 1872 hours, No PTO, and retention bonus ($3500 at the end of year 1, $4500 at the end of year 2)


           Full benefits, but no mention of malpractice, CME, sick days, or license reimbursements.

This is my first offer as a new grad and I really want to make sure I am prepared when negotiating. It's also a large hospital system, so I am worried that they won't budge on a lot of things...



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13 hours ago, Arthropathy said:

-Need more specifics on bennies.

-solo night after 6 months is not a good situation for you or patients 

-training salary is crap

Not excited about the training salary, but it's in a large institution that's already known for paying crap so I was surprised they offered this much.

I was worried about the solo nights, but they have put 11 PAs through the program in the past 3 years and all have stayed within the health system (according to them) so I'm hoping it's more doable than I think (I am going to ask to talk to some of them to hear their experiences). 

Health insurance has silver plan (I pay 20/they pay 80 in network, 50/50 out of network) or gold plan (10/90 in network, 40/60 out of network) with reasonable deductibles--I'm single with no kids so it's affordable. Life insurance at base annual salary. They do have a retirement and pension plan (matches 5.5%). 



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