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 i'm considering applying this cycle after completing my BSc in biology this past spring. i'm not sure if there is anyone here who has had an interview invite or being accepted with similar stats. your input is greatly appreciated.



sGPA: 2.97

Volunteering 1500

PCE 11280 hrs

HCE: 4500

shadow hours: 120

LORs: 1 MD and 2 PAs

no GRE score, no research hrs

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Why no GRE?
SGPA might be below cutoff for several programs.
What’s the PCE in?

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Your PCE hours are crazy high, but what are they in? As long as they are direct and preferred patient care experience for your programs, I see no problem there. You are highly competitive in that.

Not all schools require the GRE, and for schools that don't, they don't even ask for it so I do not believe it will hurt your application. It may just limit the schools you can apply to a bit, but I wouldn't worry too much about this otherwise.

Volunteering & shadowing is great, and so is your healthcare experience hours. If I were you, I'd try to diversify your LORs a bit (maybe get one from a professor to show how you are academically?), but having at least one from a PA is great.

I don't have any research hours myself and I've gotten 2 interviews so far so I don't think that is a large factor, especially if you have other highlights on your application.

Your cGPA is just OK, but your sGPA is a cause for concern. Make sure you meet the GPA cutoff before applying to any programs.

That being said, I think you have a solid chance as long as your GPA meets the minimum requirements and your type of PCE is accepted. I have seen a lot of stories on this forum of students who have average or low GPAs, but who get interviews due to a lot of direct patient care experience. I think if you apply strategically, you should at least get a few bites. 🙂 

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thanks guys for replying to my post. i gained my pce hours working as an ER tech and medical assistant over the past 6 years. i plan to take the GRE this fall  and 3 science classes before next application cycle.

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      Hi all, new here! Thanks in advance for the help! 
      I'm under the impression that you aren't supposed to include experience that you received academic credit for in the experience section. If that is the case, why is there a "received academic credit" option to select for experiences?
      From my previous healthcare degree, I did a number of internships and a residency program that I received academic credit for but on my transcript, it just says "internship hours" or "practicum hours" and provides no detail about the experience.
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      I am a PA student in my didactic year and I would like to help out pre-PA's in anyway I can. 
      I know the CASPA has long opened, but if you need advice for next application cycle, or would like me to look over your CASPA application I would be happy too. I am willing to look over your personal statement as well and give back some extensive feedback for a small fee. I am a full time student struggling with loans. I would be happy to review your personal statement for $25. I can get it back to you in 4 weeks or less. For CASPA reviews, I can do it for $10 or both for $30. 
      Some stats about me: 
      Applied twice, first cycle I received 2 interviews, one waitlisted and one rejected. 
      Second cycle I received 3 interviews, 1 accepted and 2 waitlists.
      Science GPA: 3.2
      Overall GPA: 3.6
      PCE Hours: 2000+ 
      I majored in Biology with a minor in Spanish. 
      Thank you and good luck! 
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