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COVID19 and pregnancy

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What would you do in the following scenario: You, as a PA, are pregnant in the first trimester. Your hospital is now accepting COVID patients on your floor. You have previously not had to take COVID patients. What do you do in this scenario? Leave of absence? Obviously try to not take COVID patients but your coworkers will be working with COVID19 patients and you will interact with them. I know there isn't a lot of a data on COVID and pregnancy so its hard to know how serious it is/will be for the developmental stages of the baby. 

For those of you who work in OB/GYN, what do you tell your patients who are pregnant and are healthcare workers like nurses? How would this change if this was your wife and she was a healthcare worker? 

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Take the LOA. NiCU PA here. Attended a delivery a few days ago of a 27 y/o pregnant woman who was COVID+ on ECMO at 30wks. She has no clue her baby was delivered as she’s in an induced coma, and her baby is in horrible DIC but was covid neg on top of normal 30wk preemie stuff. Idk your personal details or financial situation but if you have to stay and work plz be extra careful.

Best of luck and wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

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I would agree with NYCPAC...but truly your employer should work with you to limit your exposure.  Obviously working in healthcare it will be essentially *impossible* to make your exposure zero, but if you can't just take a LOA they should work with you.

Edit: somehow forgot the word "impossible" above

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