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Moving for PA school

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2 minutes ago, mm1767 said:

Hi everyone! 

I'm moving out of state for PA school and am super excited for my new adventure! I'm a little concerned about my potential experience, moving to a new city where I virtually know no one. Any advice/tips/experiences would be appreciated! 

I'm a traveling nurse and live in a new city every 3 months. I love the adventures! Just mainly need to have an open mind and just be safe in a new area. I personally wasn't outgoing and it was hard to make friends...so I basically traveled around on my own for 18 months without making many friends. Now over the last year I have opened up more and it has been great.

I bet you love it! Hopefully!

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As a soon-to-be grandfather, I probably felt more concerns than many new PA students. I left my wife and three grown kids behind and moved to a city where I knew no one. And all so that I could go to school with students who were younger than my two oldest children. 

I arrived about a week before PA school started and would be living in an apartment by myself. I spent most of that week either doing assignments the program had sent me (readings, quizzes, etc), talking to my wife on the phone, or fixing up my apartment. The latter involved going to the grocery store to buy one of everything (gotta have a pizza cutter!), making multiple trips to Walmart, and waiting on the cable guy. I went out for some meals and met a few of the friendly locals who worked there. People who wanted to know why I was there. After I told them, they wondered even more.

When my apartment was all set up (the cable guy had come, the Internet worked, etc), it was time for me to branch out of what had become a new comfort zone for me. I walked the mile to campus for the first time and wandered around its various buildings, having not a clue about what my life from here out was going to be like. I felt like an alien from another planet. What the heck was I going to do here and would any of the other students become friends? I could have used a friend right about then.

But everything changed the first day of school. Only a few people in our class knew anyone either and, by that night, I found myself having a beer and a meal with some of them. From that moment on, I was no longer a stranger. This had become my town and several of these people became my friends, living all around me in those buildings I had walked past on my first trip to campus.

This very well could happen to you. Good luck at the beginning of a great adventure! 

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Here's my story.....


I signed the apartment lease just before COVID shut things down.   I debated on moving, however cadaver lab was still a possibility that I wanted to obtain if possible.  So I moved, did the same things as U Go Long did in setting up the apartment.  Classes this summer are virtual (questioning why I moved when I could have saved money).  Day one VIRTUAL hit, and for a few minutes started asking why I moved... I found out a person in my class is living in the same apartment complex  +1.

Once classes started, I started drinking from the firehose.  Even though we are still virtual, I'm glad I control the environment I'm in.  I know I will have chances to meet my fellow students and been able to get out some even with COVID.   I'm growing to like my new city and the nuances it brings.

Bottom line - I'm  usually an introvert, however happy I moved and looking forward to meeting people in person.   Classmates will need each other as each brings something to the class.  Looking forward the exploring the city and being able to reach out to others.

The world awaits....sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone.

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