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Getting a PhD in PA studies?

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I'm sure this has been discussed on these boards a few times, but I'm curious what the new thinking is about this.

I'm a new old member - I was on this site in 2004-08, and I can't believe how much it changed!

Anyway, I'm a FP PA, working in FP for four years. I'm one of those people who always loved school, but I'm wondering what the advantage is for having a PhD? Is it mostly for teaching (something I would lie to do)

Or getting more money in employment. I certainly don't want to be "Dr PA" like the nurses are, because we are not doctors, nor do I want to be one.

Just curious about the cost of the degree and the advantages of having it.





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The PA/PhD program at Wake Forest is in Molecular Medicine. It is a serious program, and like most MD/PhD programs is fully funded. What this means, is that all tuition is paid, and a stipend is paid while in the PhD program. The PA tuition is also covered, although I am not sure about a stipend. It is the first of it's kind, and is a great program.


The DHSc degree is similar in some respects, but different in others. You can use either to pursue options in teaching and/or research. The PhD will be much more applicable to basic science and lab based research, while the DHSc has more of an applied focus, although you can do some epidemiological work as well. The DHSc will also lend itself more towards leadership positions.

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