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low GPA - Master's program

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Hi! I just graduated with a bachelor's in biology with a very low GPA. I am trying to increase my GPA by taking classes at my local community college. However, I was also considering a Master's program to improve my science GPA. This is because I will be done with retaking most of the pre-requisite courses generally required by most PA schools by this Fall 2020. Do PA schools count classes from a Master's in Biological sciences for their science GPA? What about cumulative GPA?

Is it better to continue to retake undergraduate level courses? Or show improvement by taking more Master's level classes? Thanks!

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All grades show up on your CASPA form. Statistics are presented to the reviewer in many different ways, including your undergrad science and overall GPA. 

If it were me, I would not get a masters in something unless it is something you're interested in that could open alternative career paths. I'd just bulk up on science at community college, unless the schools you're interested care where you take courses. Many don't care.

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