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Admitted Stats: GRE, GPA, HCE

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Hello All,


I am in the process of finishing my CASPA application for this next cycle (waiting for the submission of my last letter of rec). And I was wondering if a recently accepted PA student could shed some light on their stats while in the application process.


Mine are as follows:

Undergrad GPA: 3.44

Post-Bac GPA: 3.9

Certifications: NREMT, NA-C, Anatomy and Physiology TA

HCE: 1,350 hours direct patient care as an athletic training major/ physical therapy aide

Shadowing: 130+ hours PA shadowing

GRE: 65%Q, 50%V and 4.5 Essay (on the new GRE) - thinking this is what is going to get me into trouble*


I was asked back to 3 interviews and accepted at Rush University this past cycle and declined all three offers after deciding to do a year clinically in a hospital setting. Currently applying to monitor tech/patient care tech jobs.


I hope is to become a surgical PA for orthopedics since my background is in sports med. I think Cornell would be an excellent fit and it is my first choice.


any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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I am also applying this application cycle, I submitted my CASPA application about 2 weeks ago. I was curious if anyone had any information as to when we will receive the supplemental application? Does Cornell seem to place more emphasis on academics/test scores or health care experience? I am currently employed full time as a PCT and will accumulate hours throughout the year, but at the time of my application I only had about 500 hours. Thanks!

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I'm just an applicant like you, but I thought I would post my own stats as they illustrate how diverse PA candidates can be. I feel I'm on the opposite spectrum of candidates than you.


My CASPA has been mailed for 3 days.


Age; 27

NREMT-P/ Urgent care tech

17,900 hours of direct patient care experience (or something close to that, I forget) when I submitted my CASPA

I have worked in rural EMS since 2005 and for the last 2 years have been working alongside a PA in a busy Urgent Care attached to a rural community health center.



No degrees, no GRE for me.

Applying to MEDEX.


I wish everyone the best in this endeavor.




EDIT** Just realized this was in a Cornell thread and not the general discussion. Oops! Sorry for my intrusion. Carry on...

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I also was looking into applying to Cornell's PA program. Thing main thing is that I am from a smaller school and don't know how I would compare to some of their larger school applicants. I'm a junior this year, so I won't be applying until the spring cycle.

Currently I have

A 3.82 cumulative GPA

A 3.6ish science GPA

A 1210 GRE score

and around 1,000 hours of combine ER scribing and nursing home volunteering, which will increase as time continues.

I know Cornell is selective and very numbers based, but I was wondering if it was worth a shot to apply.

Thank you!

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