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Aesthetics/med spa experience for dermatology?

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Hello! I am a new grad PA who would love to eventually work in dermatology. However, given that dermatology positions are hard to come by without any experience, and the fact that I am unable to relocate, I am looking into a couple other options. I have been offered a position with a med spa where I would be doing Botox and fillers for a small private business. The pay and benefits are not so great, but the IM physician and nurse (the two injectors) would train me on how to do these procedures. I am much more interested in the medical side of dermatology, but I know that cosmetics are an important part of many derm offices. I am wondering if there is any value to having these skills in helping me find a derm position later on down the road. Would I be better off getting experience in family medicine or outpatient neurology? I would love any input you can give! Thank you in advance!

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I think doing injections all day, as a new grad, will quickly deplete your medical knowledge.  Looking 1-2 years down the road and you can't find a derm job and then have no experience practicing medicine besides botox injections.  Just might be tough to get another job.  I do understand that having the injection experience could make you a better applicant to a future derm position.  At minimum I would recommend to have a side job in FM/urgent care/ER to at least continue learning/practicing medicine if you take the botox job.  

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I would strongly agree that you need to keep and continue a broad medical knowledge and not pigeon hole yourself into a subspecialty.

Remember that the PANCE/PANRE are general medicine.

A PA should always fill their toolbox with skills and knowledge and keep pursuing knowledge forever.

Medspas are not well governed and you could be putting yourself into a precarious position if not mentored in a sterile procedure/proper procedure environment. You need a good mentor and a solid place to build.

Family Medicine would be a better place to start - for at least a few years.

My crusty old 2 cents

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