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Figured I'd drop in and say hi.  I'm a current first year student, so if anyone has questions about the application process. life as a KC PA student (especially in the time of COVID), etc. I'll do my

@FuturePA3210, thanks so much!

Got an Interview invite today!

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18 minutes ago, PAsmg said:

Has anyone else interviewed and not heard anything back yet? I'm starting to get worried and hoping I am not the only one who hasn't heard anything post intervie

I don't think they have waitlisted es or rejected anyone yet. To my knowledge, oy a few people have received acceptances. They said don't expect to hear anything at all until mid December at the earliest, so I wouldn't worry!




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On 1/8/2021 at 3:54 PM, nguyenli said:

Hi everyone! Is there unofficial matriculated cohorts group (Facebook, etc.) to meet up and find potential roommate? Looking forward to meeting you all

I have not found a facebook group. Maybe someone can start one for the incoming class of 2021?

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    • By EMT0409
      Hello everyone, 
      starting a thread for the new Canisius College PA program. I am currently applying to the program and wondering if anyone has heard about the program overall, or professors/admin. Anyone else applying and nervous about the provisional accreditation? Hoping this program turns out well! Starts January 2021. 
    • By PrePA1208
      I worked as a PRN rehab technician for about 3 months (roughly 20 hours a week) before I became Full-Time (40 hours a week).  How do I record this change in hours? Do I make two separate entries or average the hours per week?  My hours for PRN also varied each week, with weeks working up to 30 hours and sometimes only 15 hours. Do I need to record this somehow? I also do not understand how PA schools validate that the numbers of hours stated are honest. Is there some sort of validation document needed from each employer from past jobs.  Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
    • By Zebra1025
      Hi Everyone,
      I am applying to PA schools this year. Here are some statistics about me
      3.0-3.1 Science GPA
      3.5 Cumulative GPA
      About 700 Volunteer Hours
      60 Shadowing hours of PA (3 different specialities)
      12 Hours of Shadowing a NP
      2,500 Direct Patient Care Experience as a CNA
      1st generation student (first to go to college)
      Honors student, along with being a peer mentor.
      How many schools do you think I should apply to?
      Sadly, my science GPA is low because I received a C+ in genetics, and a D in ochem, now retaking Ochem and more than likely will receive anything in the C Range.
      All my other pre-req's are all A's and Maybe 1 B or 2.
      Attended Pre-PA conference.
      Have not taken the GRE yet, but severely worried.
      Input? If you have been participating in cycles, please include some of your stats and the outcomes.
    • By kelzie
      I'm planning on applying to a few PA programs this coming cycle and would like some advice pertaining to my stats.
      I have a 3.88 overall GPA, not certain what my science GPA is but it should be close to 3.8 since my undergrad was mostly science courses. I will also have 2 years fulltime HCE by the time of matriculation, if I get in this cycle.
      My GRE was 161 verbal(88%), 160 quantitative (76%), and unfortunately only 3.5 (42%) analytical writing. I know Midwestern's website says GRE is expected to be at or above 50th percentile for all sections. Does anyone know if they use 50% as a hard screen or if this score would be close enough if the rest of my application is strong?
      I'd rather not have to retake the exam, since I'm working two jobs right now but will if it's precluding me from the programs I'm interested in.
    • By TJW2016
      Hello everyone,
      I am making this topic (obviously) for 2015-2016 application cycle.  Has anyone set up an interview and already interviewed with KC yet? I have my interview set up for October 22nd! If anyone has already interviewed, have you heard back yet? I heard they are very quick in turning around decisions (I heard might only take two weeks).
      Also if you have interviewed, do you have any tips or tricks of what to expect in the interview?
      Best of luck,
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