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Passed the PANCE after a big ordeal

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Well I finally passed the PANCE today. I got the results and Im finally a PA-C.

the last year I was in PA school, my wife was diagnosed with breast CA and she had a double mastectomy, about 6 months later we discovered that her cancer had metastasis in the brain and in December she had brain surgery....all this while I was on my last year of school, i struggled a lot to keep up with all that was going on and did not study much for this exam. I still did extremely well on my classes and rotations that I graduated with no problem with the help of so many people.


I took the test in mid January and there was a problem at Pearson Vue with my name and they gave me a huge hassle. I was finally allowed to take the test at 12 am when everything was cleared but my scheduled time was at 8 am. They secretary at the testing center said to me to hurry up.....so needles to say I was stressing out big time.

I filed a grievance and was granted my request to retake the test when ever I wanted.


so on retest day....I felt confident and all but I fell short and failed. This was officially the #1 failure but the second time I had taken the test....I cannot express how that felt. I didn't think I had done so bad. So back to studying I went and finally felt test ready this month. I was feeling good after the exam and felt I did good. My hard work finally paid off and now Im ready for whats to come ahead.


It sure was a long road to get the "C" and finish PA school but I think that its very worth it at the end.


good luck to all those who are testing soon and those who tested this week.



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Congratulations to you!!! You know i'm really glad that you shared your story because many people may be in the same situation and not have the courage to continue and this may help them in a big way. You know I posted a thread sharing my story of the many times that I had to take the exam and instead of encouraging a new colleague they instead tried/attempted to bring my morale down. I didn't think that I had to tell everyone my whole life story of what was going on in my life of what caused my many failures so that people would understand my journey to the road that brought me to pass. You know that's human nature, people jump to conclusions before they even know the whole story but I want to say congrats to you because I was in a similar situation. God bless!!

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wow, thats amazing how many people actually have to go through so much on top of the difficulty of school and what not.

My wife is doing amazingly well and is getting scans every 6 months instead of 3 and so far there is no sign of metastasis. We are really happy to start this new chapter in our lifes. Cant wait to start working and receive that License from TX.


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