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I am currently a PA student but I love to travel (current COVID19 situation aside). Are there any countries where American trained PAs can practice that are not US government owned? Is it difficult in general to get a PA job outside the US if you work for the US government? Of course, I want to work in the US for at least a few years to pay off student loans but I am interested in this as a future prospect. If anyone has done anything like this I'd really like to hear about your experience!



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My information is dated. When I finished school, I was hell-bent to find a position overseas. I had my eye on Saudi Arabia, which had hired some PAs in the 1970s. However, by the time I finished school, they switched to MDs from the UK or the developing world and were not hiring PAs (1980s). I finally got a position with a group in Cyprus (run by an American with a PhD in public health). I was not allowed to practice in Cyprus even after finding a Cypriot doctor sponsor. I ended up moving down to Egypt and had a student visa but worked (under the radar) in a slum area. I met a PA there working for General Dynamics. They eventually sold their contract to SEAVIN. Since my situation was untenable I tried to get a job over at SEAVIN but they weren't hiring (I don't think they exist anymore).  Since I could not find a job overseas anywhere, I came home after three years. After I got home, I continued looking for an overseas position. SEAVIN did call and offer me a job two years later but I had just (same day) found out my dad has terminal cancer and decided not to take the job because of my dad. I interviewed with the CIA and as a staff person with the Peace Corp. I had four small children at the time and both of those job situations were too challenging for having children abroad (for example the CIA required two years in Washington DC before assignment, and then the assignment is without children. The Peace Corp would assign you to the least desirable country and  you have to work you way up. I ended up joining the Air Force just to go overseas (I realize that you said non US government) but could never get an overseas assignment and got out. I then applied for a civilian post in Germany, supporting the US Army. Can't remember why I did pursue that. Applied to the UAE PA program as a professor. I think me not having a PhD held that up. I applied several times to work for the Cleveland Clinic's hospital in Dubai as a headache specialist. Never returned my calls or respond to my CV and query letter. Applied to work for the Scottish NHS as a headache specialist. They had advertised for a MD  headache specialist. They rejected my application when they figured out I was a PA, even though I was a headache specialist at the Mayo Clinic at the time. I did work in Pakistan twice for three weeks each time and in Nepal once for about two weeks. That's my sad story. Loved living abroad!  As you know there are PA programs and jobs in the UK and the Netherlands. Mike

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Some jobs in Canada will allow PA-C in lieu of CCPA (Canadian Certified PA), but often specify must belong to the Canadian Association of PA's (they administer certification).  Currently, only Ontario, Manitoba (as well as the odd job in Alberta) are hiring, as well as some places doing occupational health in the hinterlands of Northern BC, Alberta and the Arctic.



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