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Just put down my deposit! (interviewed Sept 8th, accepted about a week later). I'm really excited for this program and hope they get accredited! :))

Hi everyone,  I just declined my seat here at Thiel because I got into a program that is closer to my home.  I hope that one of you deserving applicants who have been waitlisted gets a call/email soon

Hi everyone!! I’m interviewing at Thiel and got my invitation for the Virtual interview today. Was wondering if anyone else did and if anyone wanted to go over some tips and information about the prog

Just now, kpPA1603 said:

My names Krupa! Excited to meet you too!! Interested to see how this interview goes and the set up.

Cool, I am assuming we are in the same group for tomorrow! I am interested too, someone said before that it was a really enjoyable experience and everyone was really nice. I am wondering what we will be doing during the group interview.

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Just now, kpPA1603 said:

Did you just do your research on the program by looking into their website since we can't reach out to previous cohorts. I am assuming the group interview will be a team building exercise!!

Yes, and the powerpoint we received in the email was pretty helpful, but I am hoping to get to ask some questions! That sounds kind of fun actually lol! Where did you go for undergrad?

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