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2020-2021 Butler University Application Cycle

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Hello everyone! Thought I would start a new thread, good luck!!! 🥰

Y’all don’t go the dark place so quickly. It’s not anything until the email is sent. I was accepted to a program earlier in the cycle and I was freaking out bc everyone got a call except for me, so I

I was also waitlisted... oh well. Next year it is if no movement happens! Everything happens for a reason y'all - congrats to all that we're accepted 🙂 !!

8 hours ago, madi.loruss said:

Congratulations to everyone who got an invite! 

Do they send out more does anyone know?

It’s my understanding that they only do one round of interviews (they had two days at the end of October last year and they have three this year) 

for the people who got invited to interviews this year we have until Monday to accept our invitation to interview so I’m guessing if they need to fill more seats you can still get an invite 

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On 9/30/2020 at 11:46 AM, Louns1g said:

Hi all, congratulations to those who have been invited to an interview! Are any of you Butler alum? 

Hi, I am a Butler alum! I received my interview invite on 9/29 and have not yet received my interview date. They said to expect it in the "next couple of weeks," hopefully this week!

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1 hour ago, Kcaji said:

I got my interview date for October 31st.  from 10:30-11:35am. I wonder the format of the interview, the other interviews I had lasted at least a total of 5 hours. Are the other two dates same length? 
Good luck everyone!! 

Mine is an hour and then an informational session for an hour and a half. I found it very odd as well.

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