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Volunteer direct patient care

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I'm looking for where to get direct patient care hours. I don't want to be a CNA but to become a medical assistance will take a lot of time. So i want a short cut to get direct patient hours. I want to volunteer too. So if you have a place i can volunteer to get direct patient hours please let me know.

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to get true patient care hours in terms of what schools will count as PCE, it will almost always a require a paid position with some sort of certification. To get some HCE you could volunteer at any local hospital or hospice. This is just one part of the application that doesn't really have a shortcut. 

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To be honest, there are very few volunteer positions that allow for direct patient care, and that's because of liability reasons. For example, I did volunteer work at a hospital which was great for HCE, but my primary tasks were delivering items to patient rooms, transporting items around the hospital, and working the front desk. None of those describe direct patient care like what a CNA, EMT, or medical assistant does.

I wouldn't try to get two birds with one stone in this case. I think your best bet is to volunteer somewhere you are genuinely interested in, regardless of if it's healthcare focused or not, and then get a job that has direct patient care. If you don't want to be a CNA or medical assistant due to the time required to get licensed, there are jobs such as behavioral technician, physical therapy aide, or mental health worker that do not require a license. Some medical assistant jobs do not require a license and are open to hiring undergraduates. But to be honest, I would recommend becoming a CNA or an EMT. I took the CNA route, and the classes are cheap and short, and you can land a job in a heartbeat that offers direct patient care that nearly every program accepts.

I wish you the best of luck regardless, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

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