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PAs not qualified for contract tracing??

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Apologies for the horrible copy and paste job- but I was quite disheartened to read this exchange on my Linkedin feed under the Advance Practice group. Appears there is a large telehealth contract out there for Covid tracers -PAs are not considered for this role. I do not understand how this can be possible?? Anyone else aware of this issue? 
Anyone looking for Telehealth COVID Screening work or know anyone that is? We have a client that needs several hundred people to fill a government subcontract. This work is for USA citizens only. Thanks. #telehealth
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PAs are not qualified for the need Ron, I apologize. it's driven by a government DOH contract.

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Jason Lee Would you be so kind as to expand on that please

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That's the only information I have, we are contracted to find them qualified applicants and do not know why the contract won't allow PAs. sorry I'm not more helpful.

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40 minutes ago, Avalon said:

I simply do not understand. I was considering this option as well.

Does anyone have thoughts on how we can push back on this? I am happy to contribute time and effort if I had a sense of direction.

Educate other PA’s on problems they do not see or wish to ignore. Demand leaders to push for Full practice authority and no longer be an assistant or dependent upon physicians. Have you, any of you taken the time to write letters To request Full practice for government jobs? In another thread I provided addresses For Wilkie and Dr. Stone.  See link to letter from Dave Mittman  https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/04/aapa-asks-secretary-wilkie-veterans-health-administration-for-full-practice-authority-for-pas-at-va/

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