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Ohio: Lake Erie College PA Program (2020-2021 Cycle)

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4 hours ago, benners2 said:

I have not received a confirmation email yet. Congrats on the interview! When did you submit and get confirmation? 

Thank you! I applied  May 21 and was verified the next morning, but I never actually got a confirmation email! The interview invite was the first I heard from them 🙂 

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I also just got an invitation to interview this morning! So exciting!

Congratulations! Would you mind sharing when you submitted and were verified? Also if willing your stats and when the interview is scheduled for?

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@Jel196 submitted 6-12

Verified 6-18

PCE: 1500+ as a scribe

HCE: 100+ (estimate idk off the top of my head)

GRE: 311

Volunteer: 300+ (again estimate)

GPA 3.996

Science GPA: 4.0

Interview date is September 25, they have not decided if it's in person or not. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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10 minutes ago, Lawrena2 said:

Congrats! When did you submit your application? And, if you don’t mind me asking, what we’re your PCE/volunteer/gpa ect stats?


I'll try to give as many as possible. 

Submitted May 15th, got confirmation about a month later that my application was recieved. 

Science gpa-3.6, nonScience Gpa-,3.72 GRE, 299

I'll lump HCE/PCE/volunteer hrs into one 15,000+ hrs. I work currently as a respiratory therapist. 


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8 minutes ago, lyssheit said:

How did the online interview go for people who had it Sep 25? Curious what the setup was like and if anyone has heard back yet. 

Hi. It was really casual, we started out by being able to ask current students questions, and then they would either have you individually interview or interview with another person and attack different scenarios. You had 2 individual and 1 MMI with another person. The faculty was so nice and made you feel really comfortable. I got the acceptance call on Saturday the 26th!

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