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5 hours ago, claii said:

I was also accepted yesterday! can't believe I'm finally done applying after all those past applications and rejections T_T.

Also from NYC!

The deposit confirmation took about a day for me to receive

Is anyone worried about their probation status? MGH seems to be really on top of their issues and have a very good plan for the upcoming review though

Yay, hello fellow NYC people!

And I think the actual interview with MGH and Director Walker's confidence in meeting the standards both gave me a lot of confidence that we'll be okay. For a school that highly values evidence-based medicine, I think it will transfer to how they run the administration of a program and in meeting guidelines to stay credible and relevant. Just my opinion 😅 But if anyone else has any insights please share!

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Gotcha! I think I understand now. Yes, the waitlist at this point is just to interview. If the interview date passes then you are out of luck. After the interviews are completed, they will then again

I have some inside scoop that there will be interviews in December! So hopefully we hear from them soon.

Also interviewing dec 17!!! So excited 🙂 Would anyone on that date want to zoom meet before then? I did that with some people for a different school’s interview and it helped significantly for my

Hi everyone - sorry for the spam! I'm currently in the Boston area but will be moving out of state to attend a different PA school and am looking to sublet my room beginning ~5/1. I figured it was worth posting here for anybody who will be relocating to Boston to attend MGH. Rent is $1400/month and I have one roommate. PM me if you're interested! 

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Grateful for the opportunity to interview and meet some of you during this process. After much deliberation, I will be declining my offer. Wishing the best to those on the waitlist, one of you should be getting an offer soon 🙂 

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