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Physicians For Patient Protection-- Again

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All....today I am asking for some help. Saturday I was made aware of an interview a physician from PPP did with Fox streaming (save me the hate of Fox. That isn't what this is about.) which, of course, maligned APPs with innuendo and anecdotes and data about training that only applies to the most minimally trained NP. I'll post the link at the end. I reached out to the reporter who agreed to let me tell the other side of the story and I am being interviewed for their podcast tomorrow morning at 9:30 Central. It will be recorded and broadcast later.

I can talk all day about our training and experience. What I need is good data about PAs who deployed. Particularly numbers and what their background was (ER, pulmonary, intensivist etc.). I'm on a pretty short timeline so if anyone can provide usable data I would sure appreciate it. PM me if you prefer. Thanks in advance



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my stats

running a primary care office and a nursing home (52 beds)

18 years out of school

AAS, BS, MBA, MS and an additional 50+ credit of undergrad


I run the office and the nursing home identical to the doc.  There is times when questions come up and we both have areas (the doc and I) where we are the expert.  I am treated as a professional, and almost equal (I am not equal in formal training) but have just as many "years in the trenches" and some specialty experience that the doc does not have. 


I am not an assistant to anyone and in fact am the knowledge expert in most PCP areas, the same a the physician....



unsure any of it helps.....


Just state the reality - NP's 600 hours of observation, PA - bare min 2000 hours - mostly around 3000 hours of hands on......just to enter the profession

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3 hours ago, sas5814 said:

Thanks Sed. I reached out to AAPA this morning but no response yet. They are a bit of a lumbering giant sometimes.

No prob. And indeed. It's a start, at least. Hopefully we can get some PAs on here to share their COVID-19 experience. 

Can you reach out to the Reserves and see if they would be willing to provide data? I heard through the grapevine that an Army Reserves PA in trauma at a Level 1 went for relief, but that's the extent of the info that I have. 

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