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np thyroid titration

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hi everyone! im a new grad in primary care and have a question about titrating NP thyroid/armour thyroid (essentially non-levothyroxine meds).

i've seen for some patients on these meds, for whatever reason, the TSH, T3, T4, and T3 uptake have been checked - my understanding is that we only need to be checking TSH to adjust drug dose, right? or is that not the case since they're not on levothyroxine?

also, the sweet spot for tsh is between 1 and 3, right? so even if a patient is 0.6 on tsh, we would continue titrating til they're about 1? 

i'm sorry if these questions seem silly - i have some textbook knowledge but am still acquiring real world knowledge and just wanted to get some input. 

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