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2020-2021Application cycle

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50 minutes ago, FuturePAS19 said:

Did anyone else receive an email from the graduate office saying they haven't received transcripts etc? I sent them everything, I don't know why I'm getting this 

I received a second one of these emails too in the past, and i emailed them again, and they said it was an error and that my application is being determined 

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1 hour ago, FuturePA313 said:

Got an email saying they've sent all interview invites. congrats to those who received one! does anyone know if we were rejected if we did not receive an email invite? The email was kinda confusing. 

Hey! I got one too. I think what most schools do is withhold rejections until the seats are filled, that way if people turn down interviews or seats then they can pull off that ‘rejection’ list before they send out official rejections. Does that make sense? I’m personally taking it as a rejection as well, but I think that’s why the email was phrased that way. 

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48 minutes ago, FuturePAS19 said:

I just received an interview for the 13th!! Beyond happy!

I will also be interviewing on the 13th 🙂🙂 So excited for us!!! Does anyone know how many applicants WSU selects for interviews? 

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