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13 minutes ago, BeachBum7 said:

Last year on Sept. 4 (which was a wed) they sent out the first wave of invites so hopefully any day we will be hearing something!! 😄

I’ve been thinking the same thing! 2 years ago it was sept. 7th so hopefully by Monday :))

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Wow!!! Accepted from today’s interview!!!!!!!!!

End of the day jitters are over-ish! At least we historically know that we may know something by next week! 🙂

What a great morning it is! I got an interview as well! 9/21! Glad to see everyone getting excited! We've all been waiting!! 😄

1 hour ago, BeachBum7 said:

Congrats! Eep!!! When did you submit CASPA/receive confirmation from them your app was under review for reference??

I submitted CASPA last minute (August 31st) and received the email from Pace on September 1st that it was under review

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28 minutes ago, soontobepa1 said:

Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats?? 

Thank you! Yes of course-

overall science GPA: 3.98

overall undergraduate GPA: 3.91

3600 patient care hours as a MA

200 hrs volunteer

not sure what else would be helpful!

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Omg!! Just got invited for an interview 🙂 Looks like the dates to choose from are: Sept 21, Oct. 5th, Oct. 12th., Oct. 19th, Nov 2, Nov 9 and Nov 16. I am so excited!!! I am thinking to schedule for Oct. 5th only because I have two interviews coming up this week and I work the weekend leading up to Monday, Sept. 21 so I want to have ample time to prepare. Good luck to everyone!!

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