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Grade dispute worth it?

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I'm applying this cycle. I took Patho and got a B+. However, after classes moved online do to COVID19 our professor made our exams group exams. We had a two person group and basically emailed exam back. My group partner got an A, we basically should have the same grade. The only difference is that our first exam he got a 94, and I got a 92. Another thing to note is that he never told us our grades for any quiz we took after COVID, and midterm, a violation of school policy as we are supposed to be kept abreast about our progress throughout the semester. As it currently stands my sGPA is a 3.52, an A would bring it to a 3.57. Overall GPA is a 3.6. I emailed the professor no response, so the next thing would be to take it to the dean, but I have no idea how long this proccess will take, and with application open, and many favoring early applications I feel like I should send it as it is.

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That is strange. I've never heard of a professor not updating students about grades - how are you supposed to prepare and track your progress?

It's good you emailed because you deserve the grade that you rightfully earned, or at least deserve to know what assignment/quiz had set back your grade. If the professor usually emails back quickly, I'd at least give them maybe 3 or 4 days to reply. In the meanwhile, finish up plugging in the data for everything else in CASPA. If you still get no response or your professor replies saying that you did earn the B grade, I would probably just submit CASPA as-is. Applying early is important and I doubt a B grade instead of an A grade will really make that much of an impact, especially because patho isn't a prerequisite for most programs and B isn't a bad grade to begin with.

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