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    • By BaileyRose
      Is there any specific wording for including the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination on my resume/CV before I sit for the exam in January 2022? I couldn't find anything specific online but found a couple of blog posts that recommended phrasing as:
      "NCCPA Board Eligible" Put "anticipated" before your examination date if you are registered for the exam but have not taken it yet  Put "pending" before your examination date if you have taken the exam and are awaiting results  
      On my current CV, I have: NCCPA Board Eligible (Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination)     Anticipated January 2022
      Any guidance or advice on this topic is appreciated! I would hate to word incorrectly and have it hurt my job search. Thank you!
    • By Origi2.0
      Hey, is there anyone selling their rosh account? Please let me know
    • By LOLfPAschool
      So my particular PA school uses the PACKRAT to determine if students are ready to take the PANCE or not at the end of clinical year (this is new and never counted like this before). This year's most recent PACKRAT version national average is apparently a 167, 20 points higher than the last 3 averages on PAEA's website and 40 points higher than last years national average of 128 (according to my PA school). They have informed us that if we do not get within the 2 point standard deviation, they will not allow us to take the PANCE until we reach an adequate grade on the PACKRAT. Can they legally do this?
      According to PAEA, the PACRAT can be done open book so these scores are skewed and shouldn't count for my class.
      There is nothing in our program handbook about the PACKRAT being a requirement for graduation.
    • By Li Sun
      Hi there,
      I am selling:
      1. PANCE 365 (Rosh Review, expired on 2/7/2021): $30.
      2. PANCE Prep Pearls (used &marked, 70% new, bought in 2018): $10
      3. Certification and Recertification Examinations for Physician Assistant (used &marked, 80% new, bought in 2018): $10.
      Please email me li.littlepotato@gmail.com (prefer) or message me if you are interested. 
    • By dogrgreat
      Hello Everyone, 
      Just wanted to get everyone's opinion about using uworld for PANCE Prep?  
      I haven't taken the PANCE yet but so far I'm really liking the types of question on UWorld. It's really easy to filter questions by topics and the questions seem to test more application than simple recall. I also like the hi-lighting and note taking functions in the q bank.
      My routine right now is following an 8 week outlined guide. I've been going over topics in the blueprint in PPP (3 hours) and answering about 120-180?s a day on U World. I'm still a few months out from my test date. I'm hoping that's enough. I have an additional 2 weeks spaced in there for full length mock exams. 
      Let me know if you have other suggestions or recommendations. 
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