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Just received an interview invite for August 28th! Good luck to everybody!

Hey guys! I am also a PA-S1 at UTMB. I just wanted to give yall a little hope and hopefully help you destress a little. Last year, at this time, I had ZERO interview invites and had actually already r

I interviewed in September, and I also sent thank you notes. I’m starting to feel a bit hopeless too. They said they send out most of their acceptances in November and December though right? We got th

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I would love to hear from current UTMB PA students: 

1) What do you like about the UTMB PA Program?

2) What resources are available to students to help them succeed in PA school? (ex: tutoring centers, office hours, open lab, student orgs, etc) 

3) What does a typical day look like as a PA-S? Before and during COVID. 


Thank you so much in advance!

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3 hours ago, cdciemo13 said:

Has anybody that interviewed last friday (9/4) heard back yet? the suspense is KILLING me lol

3 hours ago, CaitlynC said:

No, I haven't heard anything yet. I have been constantly refreshing my email over the past few days!

From what I understand from previous years, they allow 2 days of deliberation and with Labor Day being Monday, my guess would be  they "deliberated" today and Tuesday and some of us will be hearing back tomorrow!



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14 minutes ago, TxFuturePA said:

Can y'all let me know how you get notified of your admittance/waitlist, etc.? I have my interview on October 1st and would like to be prepared and know if I should be looking for an email or phone call or whatever! Good luck to everyone!

They said in the interview they would notify us via email! 


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