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Hi! I am currently a first year at the program here at UT Health! As you can imagine, our experience has been a little bit different than years prior due to COVID, but I can let you know my exper

I just got my acceptance call! I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to meet you guys. Good luck to everyone with future interviews, you got this 🙂

Got my acceptance call an hour ago too!! It honestly feels so surreal but to everyone else still in the process keep your head up!! Beyond excited to join this class!!!

On 11/23/2020 at 2:38 PM, Destinee said:

Has anyone from the 11/19 interview heard anything yet? I interviewed 10/19. Just trying to gauge whether or not I should be waiting for a call this week or if I get to continue waiting until after the next interview😅 Thanks in advance friends!

I interviewed on 11/19 and also got the call on 11/23. I'm not sure how many seats are left 

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19 hours ago, jjg96 said:

Congrats to everyone who’s been accepted! I’ve officially created a Facebook group! Please feel free to share without anyone who’s doesn’t use this forum but has also been accepted. Excited to meet you all! https://m.facebook.com/groups/797638264350190/?ref=group_browse

Hello, for some reason the FB link you posted does not open the page. 

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6 minutes ago, StephanyH said:

Application submitted: July 13

Interview: October 19

Acceptance: October 30

I'll be withdrawing my seat at UTSA for another program closer to home.  Good luck to those who attend!

That's awesome! I saw your post in the other forum. Congratulations! Happy you got in somewhere closer to home and at the same time were able to free up a spot here! Good luck to you too! I hope you do well in your program😊

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10 hours ago, lizzzzzzyg said:

Hello everyone! I noticed on the UT Health SA website that they plan on adding a Laredo location, does anyone who has interviewed know if it was approved? Or does anyone have any info about it? Thanks! 

When I interviewed (10/19) it didn’t sound like it was definitive just yet. And they were planning on choosing 10 students on top of the 45 students (I think), but I’m not too sure on this. 

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On 11/24/2020 at 10:33 AM, nickycole said:

to those who were accepted, Congrats ! Does anyone feel comfortable sharing their stats? I want to know what I can focus on if I hear no news this cycle !


I’ll go ahead and share mine. Here’s my own thoughts on my application. As far as GPA goes, I’m probably average to slightly below average. I feel like experience, LORs, and my PS are what got me to the interview, and then I felt like I had a strong interview. My weak points were definitely shadowing and volunteering. 


GPA Overall: 3.58

GPA Science: 3.55

GRE: V-159, Q-157, AW-4

Degrees: BSc - Biology & BS Nursing, both from larger state schools

PCE - Military OR Nurse, 4600hrs at time of application. 

Healthcare Experience - RN team lead for neurosurgery and trauma surgery (basically my administrative duties that aren’t direct pt care). ~600hr

Non-healthcare, I just put my old college jobs as a personal trainer and working at the wellness center.

Volunteer - Stop the Bleed Instructor. 24hr educating public on trauma response and hemorrhage  control.

Shadowing - None (I work with PAs, NPs, MDs, etc. so I already knew the roles and such)

LORs - 2 from a couple of my neurosurgeons, and one from my nursing supervisor. I chose individuals who I have worked with a lot and knew me well, but would also write about my different strengths. That way I wouldn’t have 3 identical letters. 

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

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On 12/5/2020 at 10:58 AM, Jchapa said:

When I interviewed (10/19) it didn’t sound like it was definitive just yet. And they were planning on choosing 10 students on top of the 45 students (I think), but I’m not too sure on this. 

Just had my interview today it sounded like it's definitely happening but it was unclear if they would be rolling it out this year or next year. And yea I'm pretty sure it's 10 additional students at the Laredo campus. 

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8 hours ago, Destinee said:

Has anyone who has interviewed and not heard back tried contacting the school? I interviewed back in October and haven't heard back. I was just wondering if they were done accepting people. 

Hi! I haven’t interviewed, but I emailed to check on my status and was told on dec 10th that faculty are still reviewing applications for the next few weeks so I imagine they still have spots left and will interview in January! 

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