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TTUHSC 2020-2021 Application Cycle

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32 minutes ago, Pa98173jd said:


I applied mid-July as an out-of-state applicant. My GPAs are between 3.8-3.9. PCE ~1600. Volunteer/community service ~3,000. Shadowing PA: 0. I know that Texas public universities are very, very selective with out-of-state interview invites/acceptances. So, send the prayers this way haha

Send some my way too! LOL. Kansas resident interviewing Nov. 19th!

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Hey everyone!

I interviewed with Texas Tech on October 12th. I've heard of some receiving acceptances about a week and a half after the interview, but I haven't heard back at all- no acceptance or rejection! Anyone else? I'm nervous and hoping I'm still in the running for a spot!

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On 11/11/2020 at 5:27 PM, kdr1997 said:

Interviewed on October 12th and got an email today saying I was selected as an alternate student (waitlist)! Anyone else get the same? Do y'all know if they decide if alternates get in after everyone is interviewed or as they keep interviewing? Really hope some spots open up!

I also interviewed October 12th and was waitlisted. I’m pretty sure they get through all the interviews to fill the initial spots and then if any of the finalized applicants withdraw, we are invited to take the position. Hopefully some open up.. good luck!

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