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Hey everyone I was just hoping to get some input on my situation here. I am going to apply this round and ideally get in next year. I have a cGPA of 3.22 and sGPA of a 2.93. I realize these are low and I am retaking A&P 1/2 this summer because mine are about 6 years old now.

I have calculated that I will have a sGPA of 3.05 considering I get A's this summer. and my cGPA will go up to a 3.25. Is this reasonable?

I have written my PS and I think it's pretty BA. 

I have ~7000+ hours PCE as an ophthalmic technician (prepping patients for surgeries, taking vitals, running diagnostic tests before seeing  doctor, assisting in major and minor surgeries). I am also a certified ophthalmic assistant (you have to work in ophthalmology for a year and then take a test) and I can run the lasik laser which is another certification.

My LOR will be from a PA I shadowed and went to undergrad with, 2 from MD's I work with (one is also the owner of the clinic/my boss), and my lead at work who helped get my certification (I figured this is more appropriate than a professor since I graduated in 2015).

I have tons of volunteer hours with kids in church settings/internships >2000. 

I am planning on taking the GRE this summer. (this has been hard to figure out because of the state the country is in)

Everything I have read says to apply early. My class will end July 24th. Should I wait till then to submit or should I submit as soon as I can. Do I have reasonable chances since my GPA is on the low side? I feel like that is my one low spot. I need a pep talk y'all.

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Personally I would wait to submit until my summer classes were over due to CASPA only verifying your grades once. If you do it now, your grades will be verified with the sGPA at 2.93. You can go back into CASPA and change your “in progress” summer classes to a grade, but it won’t change your verified grade. I would be afraid programs would toss my application with the 2.93 verified GPA. 

Other than your lower GPA, your resume sounds great! 

If you don’t get in this cycle, I would try to boost my science GPA with upper level classes for the next one.

Good luck. 

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I have to agree with Janie! It sounds like aside your GPA, you are an incredibly strong applicant. Caspa will verify the grades that you have already received, not the ones pending for the course retakes. If you truly want your best shot, complete summer, sent your transcripts asap, and just get your app verified and received in July or August! That way your new GPA will be reflected. Good luck! 

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