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Happily! I'll give you guys an idea of whats going on as well as share what the interview was like.

Okay, so I interviewed today and I just wanted to pass on some basic info about it's structure and what I learned. The interview consisted of: - A Q&A session - A virtual tour of th

Hi I have also received an interview with them for the 17th ! 

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On 6/26/2020 at 6:13 PM, PAC2B2020 said:


I am also advocating this comment. If this is the only school that you have been accepted, I would rather wait to apply next cycle. I am pretty sure this school will even lose their probation status. This school is not ready to teach any student. They are very unorganized and bully students. All the staff there do NOT know what they are doing. I had a horrible experience with that school and I am left with tons of student loan debt for nothing. I hope no one else experiences the same thing. They will not tell you anything true during the interview. Please research before you spend your time and money. https://pennrecord.com/stories/511512745-slippery-rock-sued-by-student-dismissed-from-physician-assistant-program-after-failing-grade...This article is just one small example, but there are so many more horrible stories that did not get published. Good luck! 

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