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Congrats everyone! I feel like I’ve been waiting months to have CLASSMATES😂🎉 hopefully we will be meeting in Stamford soon 

Got accepted off the waitlist today!! I am so beyond excited to start this journey. For everyone that got accepted, congratulations!! For those still waiting to hear, keep your head up and stay positi

I got accepted off of the waitlist yesterday! SHU was the best four years of my life, and now to two more!

8 hours ago, TreasuredPA said:

I just got an acceptance call this morning! 😭 (interviewed 11/8) This has been a long journey. I just want everyone to know to keep going & definitely do your best to improve any part that you can but let the rest play out the way it's meant to.

Is there a facebook group I can join or create?

Congratulations! I interview tomorrow. Any last minute tips/ suggestions? Thanks!

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Guest dean227
7 minutes ago, jpiedrah said:

I got an email about the virtual tour being available. The email said decisions would be made by early December. 

I got that email too! Why are some people getting call back and others have to wait till early December? 😩

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4 minutes ago, skenned1 said:

Hi guys! I got into SHU a while back and I think it’s officially where I’m going!! I’m so excited, but I never got the link to the online tour. Can someone send it to me? Can’t wait to get to know everyone more 🙂

Congrats on the final decision. The link is to their YouTube channel and it has a tour video on it. Hope this helps.


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