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Congrats everyone! I feel like I’ve been waiting months to have CLASSMATES😂🎉 hopefully we will be meeting in Stamford soon 

Got accepted off the waitlist today!! I am so beyond excited to start this journey. For everyone that got accepted, congratulations!! For those still waiting to hear, keep your head up and stay positi

I got accepted off of the waitlist yesterday! SHU was the best four years of my life, and now to two more!

7 minutes ago, jeorsi said:

Excited to interview at the morning session on 11/8! Does anyone know how many seats are still available? This is one of my top programs!

Congrats and best of luck I’m sure you’ll do great. I do not know how many seats are left. I know a couple of people In this forum got acceptance letters, I believe it was about 3. Some interviewed in the 18th I’d September and found out on the 24th. I interviewed in the 25th and so far no one from that date has heard back according to the conversations on this forum. Hope this info helps and best of luck 

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22 minutes ago, dean227 said:

Nope! I think it takes around 2 weeks for responses? 

I interviewed on the 25th of September and the people who commented on this forum that also interviewed on that date have not heard anything back. I’m thinking that we might hear after all of the interviews are conducted. Best of luck to everybody!!

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7 hours ago, BluePinky said:

Nope...I wonder if we’ll hear back right before the next round of interviews in November...I hope that’s the case.

In my interview on September 25th they told my session that we won't hear back til November/December.. basically until all interview sessions are over. They also said that unless they really really liked you after the interview you would hear back a week or two after the session but everyone else has to wait. 

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