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Congrats everyone! I feel like I’ve been waiting months to have CLASSMATES😂🎉 hopefully we will be meeting in Stamford soon 

Got accepted off the waitlist today!! I am so beyond excited to start this journey. For everyone that got accepted, congratulations!! For those still waiting to hear, keep your head up and stay positi

I got accepted off of the waitlist yesterday! SHU was the best four years of my life, and now to two more!

50 minutes ago, aPpA5 said:

Just gave up my spot to interview on 9/18 because I was accepted elsewhere! I am happy that my Interview spot is going to someone who more than deserves it. Good luck guys! This is a great program my cousin went here!

Good luck at your accepted program! 

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Hey guys. I'm dealing with something here. I submitted recently and got this email


Thank you again for your interest in Sacred Heart University’s Physician Assistant Studies program! Upon initial review of your application, you are missing the following requirements:

  • General Psychology (3 credits)
  • Statistics (3 credits)

Your application has now been placed on hold.

I just recently finished statistics but caspa has not yet verified my transcript yet. As far as the psychology course, I took a human growth and development class. Should that class be able to substituted for the psychology course? I don't know what to do and I am getting worried. This is my top choice. 

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1 hour ago, aap423 said:

CASPA doesn’t verify more than one official transcript, at least in my experience, youre initial verified GPA will stay the same throughout the whole cycle. I believe colleges can still see if you submit another transcript, and can verify it on their end, but CASPA won’t “verify” it like they initially do when you send in your first transcript. I would send the official transcript to SHU. As for the psychology course, it’s all dependent on what the university wants and the curriculum of the course. You could send them a syllabus of the class for them to review.

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I am aware that my GPA wont be calculated again. Basically when I submitted my applications and caspa verified my classes. The statistics class was still in progress. From my understanding once I was done with the course I was to send in another transcript for caspa to verify the completed course. 

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