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To those who are waiting to hear about interviews - regardless of the date you submitted, don’t lose hope! There was another program that I was sure had bypassed me for an interview, especially after

Just got the email! I got so scared because they never called! Good luck and congratulations to everyone!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post an update. I called the program to ask about something about an hour ago. There is currently some transitioning going on in admissions and with some other COVID issue

20 hours ago, sam816 said:

Hope you guys had great interviews. Still hopefully waiting here!

Thank you so much! The atmosphere was amazing, and they are incredibly nice! The university is amazing! I wish everyone luck! Y’all are great!

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13 minutes ago, tl121 said:

I haven't heard anything either. Would you be able to post the facebook link where you saw that two acceptance calls were made? Hopefully we all hear good news from the sept 2nd interview! 

They were personal Facebook posts so I wouldn't want to violate their privacy, but I'm certain it was for Campbell! I'll bet they just couldn't get to all of them before closing up shop for the long weekend though. That is at least what I am telling myself! Still running on no news is good news.

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31 minutes ago, CorpsmantoPA said:

Hey everyone. I recieved a call at 3pm letting me know I was accepted. I'm sorry I did not jump on here and tell everyone. I am still waiting for an acceptance email so it still feels too good to be true. I hope you all hear something soon. 

Congrats on your acceptance!! Did you interview for just the PA program or dual degree? 

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53 minutes ago, FuturePA20202021 said:

Congrats!! Are you MPAP or dual degree ? I’m Still keeping hope for MPAP admittance!!

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Thank you! I am MPAP only. I am hoping for you, too!! As for next week, I wish I knew more for you all - I just have no idea, but I am sending you positive energy and hoping you enjoy a restful long weekend! You’ve earned it!

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2 hours ago, futurepa764 said:

does anyone know how many people have been accepted thus far or a rough estimate? Someone that has access to the class of 2023 Facebook page? Just curious!

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The Facebook group looks like 32 people which includes 2 moderators. So probably around 30

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