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Boston University 2020-2021 Application Cycle

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They are officially accredited till 2028! Just checked their website: https://www.bu.edu/paprogram/

Does anyone have information about their most recent accreditation status? I know they were on probation before through Sept 2020, and saw they had a scheduled visit for the end of last month

It starts at the end of March! 

2 hours ago, JAS42 said:

After selecting the interview date, I can’t seem to view the details for the optional social event held the evening before. Anyone else having this problem?  

I didn't see any details either but I got an email last night saying they would send us a schedule with a zoom link closer to the date!

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33 minutes ago, FuturePA6813 said:

Does anyone remember if they said we would hear back 11/23 or 11/24 — I accidentally deleted my note!! My favorite interview I’ve had so far 🙂 good luck everyone!!

they are meeting the 23rd and we will find out the 24th! I enjoyed it too, good luck 🙂

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6 minutes ago, PotatoFruit said:

Does anyone know when we should hear decisions by? Whether it be acceptances, waitlists, etc. Thanks in advance! 

I thought it was going to be today, but maybe something changed! I interviewed early in the interview block so its possible. Good luck!

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