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I was just wondering if anyone was aware of medical contraindications to wearing an N95 respirator?  The most guidance I can find is that a “severe” cardiac or pulmonary issue may be a contraindication. 

Our office has the privilege of reviewing respirator questionnaires and performing fit-tests. Medical provider signs off that the person is approved, techs perform the fit test...



With many companies now mandating employees to wear an N95 we are getting a huge influx. Many people I feel are simply scared or don’t want to return to their occupations, in-turn checking off “yes” to every question. 

asthma, copd, shortness of breath waking at ground level, chest pain, claustrophobia, anxiety, CHF, etc etc etc...

if these patients are reporting “panic attacks” and “chest pain” while donning a respirator, do you disqualify them, making them medically disabled?  Or do you tell them, “Hey this is an N95 and won’t kill you”

anyone have to deal with this kind of stuff?

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I did hundreds of these...rarely failed someone.  This was pre-covid and everyone checked "no" for everything because they wanted to keep going to work.  If someone said they can't wear a mask because of anxiety, then fine I won't pass them and defer to PCP.  For COPD/Asthma I would sometimes do a PFT and base my decision on that.  Sometimes, I would simply note that they pass based on exam/questionnaire, but the true test is wearing a mask, see how they do, and if doesn't tolerate then remove immediately and seek medical attention.  If they are huffing and puffing just sitting there without a mask...that would be a fail.  

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It is likely going to change.  The &600 bonus payment were not extended.   Some People are gready and making more at home then working so they are trying to stay out.  I tell them I see no medical issue for them not to work.  Even had to do to a friend.   

goback to work!   

I did give a note to a clearly severe copd PT. And counseled then to not go out as the disease would likely kill them.  

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