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For anyone who closely follows this and/or other threads comparing yourself to others and getting panicked when you don't get that phone call on the day/hour you were expecting: I get it. It's extreme

Hoping interview invites start going out soon!! 🙂

PA-1 here! I’ll be one of your social hour hosts! We can’t wait to “meet” you guys and answer your questions! Some of us will also be your panelist the next day :)) Good luck on your interview! 

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Same... I didn't see the new deadline before starting it and only used like the 10 minutes I had before 12:25. I honestly don't think its worth emailing them about it, but just gotta vent a little 😭. Hopefully, the rest of the interview goes smoothly. Good luck to everyone! 

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Has anyone received an interview invite for 10/17? It looks like invites for the previous two interviews have gone out two weeks prior on Friday, so I was keeping my fingers crossed for today. 

I received mine on Sept 22, too. Interviewing tomorrow!

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9 minutes ago, DelaneyR44 said:

In the past they went out 2 weeks before, right? Not 1 week? (I might be reading it wrong.. I've been checking my email like a crazy person since last Friday!)

Yeah it seemed like anywhere between 10-14 days, but don't worry I'm also refreshing my email every 10 mins! 

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